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Please avoid these few things PRIOR to your appointment. This goes for any and every appointment you ever book to have your brows done. It is very important you follow these guidelines and plan accordingly.

Please avoid the following prior to your appointment:

Waxing or tweezing 4 days prior.

Drinking alcohol or taking blooding thinning medications such as aspirins, coumadin, ibuprofens, etc  24 hours prior.

Tanning or extreme sun exposure 7 days prior.

Self tanning products on the face 7 days prior.

Avoid botox 7 days prior and 7 days post.

Facial peels, lasers, microneedling or dermaplaning 7 days prior.

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Towards the end of your initial appointment we will go over an aftercare routine. Some healing routines may be altered per client case to help certain skin types to heal with optimal results. You will be sent home with products to use during your 10 days of healing. No matter the type of healing technique you are sent home with, except to heal for 10 days post procedure. There is virtually no down time. It is very rare for a client to be bruised, swollen or extremely red. The brows will be darker than the average color of your original brow due to the pigment getting situated into your skin and oxidizing. This is absolutely normal. If you have events planned or a photo shoot set up that would fall in between the time of your healing, consider scheduling your first appointment around these types of events until you know how your healing will go for you. Some people don’t mind “the dark phase” it can be a love hate relationship so please be cautious when picking your appointment date. 

The brows will fade 40-60% in-between the initial day of the procedure and fully healed. It is very important you come in for your perfecting session to solidify the micro bladed hair strokes and coloring. During this appointment we can tweak anything you see fit. It’s important to take this opportunity to translate any desires you have for your brows that was not achieved, or simply faded away during healing. Some people may fade more than others as all results vary tremendously. Expect the exact same aftercare routine after your touch up as your initial appointment. 

What can't I do after the procedure?

Adhere strictly to my after-care instructions. Some general points include no swimming, sweating, picking, peeling, tanning, prolonged sun exposure or getting the area wet in ANY way other than the cleaning guidelines. I will give you many tips and pointers while explaining the aftercare routine. After your brows are completely healed, you may shower and wash your face as usual.