About the Owner

Brow Canvas Founder Amber Littlejohn has cherished all things with beauty from a very young age. Her passion for making women feel beautiful throughout is what fueled her ambition to build a career in the beauty industry. Amber became immediately intrigued with the permanent cosmetic technique called microblading after reading countless articles about the craft. She was fascinated with the idea of enhancing someone's natural beauty while giving them something to look forward to… seeing beautifully shaped eyebrows day after day.

Amber traveled to Dallas, TX in 2016 to attend an extensive training course to learn all about microblading. The course, hosted by Julia Milin - named 'eyebrow guru' by ABC's Good Morning America and Marie Claire Magazine - provided Amber with the proverbial tools needed to launch her own brand, Brow Canvas. With extended training throughout the years and a Master Class taken in 2017 in California with Brow Beauté, her technique continues to grow. While microblading becomes a huge craze nationwide and makes a great addition to most other beauty bar menus, Amber vows to keep her work as a permanent cosmetic specialist a true passion and main focus. 

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